Using rss2email with the r2eui web UI

Up until now, using rss2email has been confined to the UNIX or Windows command line. Most of the time, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you need to remove a few feeds from your list, it can be a pain to find every feed’s number and then delete them in the correct order (i.e. reverse numerical order). Otherwise you accidentally delete the wrong feeds.

So to remedy this and give a command-line tool a prettier face, we’ve developed a simple web-based UI for rss2email.


We assume that you already have rss2email installed and working.

Download r2eui.tar.gz (UNIX) or (Windows) to your rss2email directory
Untar or unzip the r2eui archive
Download and install Cheetah

Running r2eui

From the folder where rss2email and r2eui are stored, type


Then, from your favorite browser, go to http://localhost:8080. From here you check for new feed items, add and remove newsfeeds and change your default email address.

To stop the web UI, just type ctrl-C (under UNIX) or ctrl-Break (under Windows) in the console window.

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8 Responses to “Using rss2email with the r2eui web UI”

  1. Neat-o!

    In case anyone is wondering “How can I make this run without interruption”

    “$ nohup python &”

    Anywho, the main reason I came here was to beg that you modify the package to add either a second RUN button with the “no-send” or a check to apply the no-send on the feed add.

    I looked at the script and see why you didn’t, because the args passed to run function are pulled from the initial command line args and thus will require the r2e package to be modified first, either way.

    please please please ;)


  2. onemyndseye says:

    How about a version that can be placed on your local HTTP server? :)

  3. That would probably be a function of your HTTP server, I think. As far as I know Apache should be able to do something like that with a virtual host or directory-style handler.

  4. David says:

    When I run python it says that “feeds.dat” doesn’t exist and that I need to run a “r2e new” command. But I’ve already run that command twice (successfully, I think). Any clues?

  5. David says:

    Never mind. I had in /usr/share/rss2email and my feeds.dat was in /home/david/.rss2email. So I created a symlink to put my feeds.dat into /usr/share/rss2email and it works now. Thanks!

  6. David says:

    Well, I just added a truck-load of feeds on the web ui. Slick. Then I went in through putty and did a r2e run –no-send…which seemed to end pretty quickly. Then I went back to the web interface and pressed the run now button…and the mail is flooding in (i.e. all the back posts and comments that I thought would be eliminated using the run –no-send). Any clues on why? I’d hate to have this happen each time I add a feed.

    I’d love to have a way to have the web interface run in the background all the time. Is this a issue?

    I also second the motion for the “run –no-send” button on the web interface.

    thanks for a great tool!

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  8. fa says:

    When I try to download the files i get this error:

    We’re sorry, we were unable to locate the site /lindseysmith/r2eui.tar.gz

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