Version 2.69 Released

Version 2.69 of rss2email is now available for both Linux and Windows.

Changes from the previous version:

  • Added support for connecting to SMTP server via SSL, see SMTP_SSL option
  • Improved backwards compatibility by fixing issue with listing feeds when run with older Python versions
  • Added selective feed email overrides through OVERRIDE_EMAIL and DEFAULT_EMAIL options
  • Added NO_FRIENDLY_NAME to from from address only without the friendly name
  • Added X-RSS-URL header in each message with the link to the original item

Complete list in the official CHANGELOG.

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11 Responses to “Version 2.69 Released”

  1. JW says:

    SMTP_SSL doesn’t seem to work.

    Just tested:
    SMTP_SERVER = “″
    SMTP_USER = ‘[user]‘
    SMTP_PASS = ‘[pwd]‘
    SMTP_SSL = 1
    I get:
    Fatal error: could not connect to mail server “″

  2. JW says:

    My mistake! Was still using Python 2.5.2; with 2.6.4 it works fine.

  3. Use SMTP_SERVER = “″ instead. It will default to the SSL port.

  4. Dieter@be says:

    Hey, I got a problem with the following feed:
    All blog titles become “K.Mandla”, even though when I look at the feed source code, the titles are apropriate and unique.


  5. Dieter,

    You mean the subject of emails are all ‘K.Mandla’? I ran the feed with v2.69 and got:

    Subject: Life without the Internet
    From: “Motho ke motho ka botho: K.Mandla”

    which is what I would expect.

  6. Dieter@be says:

    I did some further debugging,
    turns out the title attribute from the feedparser output was not correct
    I was using feedparser 4.1 (which is the latest stable release).
    Now I just run the latest feedparser from svn, and that works :)

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for hacking I’m loving it. :)

    I’ve added support to remove Feedburner’s tracking links and instead use the original link of the item[1].

    The diff containing the changes is available from:

    [1] –


  8. Dieter@be says:

    Lindsey, can you make a blogpost where you ask readers to say which mail client they use?
    I’m having trouble finding a simple, but powerful mail client which can handle newsmessages from rss2email properly (that includes rendering html mails with embedded flash videos and such)

  9. tomamplius says:

    Web interface to use rss2email with multi-account with apache mod-python

  10. Dieter,

    There are a couple of things going on as to whether you can see YouTube embeds and the like.

    First, the default for feedparser is to sanitize any HTML it sees. If you set feedparser.SANITIZE_HTML = 1 after the import in, it will retain the embed, but possibly leave you vulnerable to malicious code. Side task would be to add enable to the sanitize whitelist.

    Second, is whether your email client will display embeds. In my brief testing with YouTube embeds, ThunderBird 3.x tries but fails for lack of Flash plugin. GMail sanitizes the embeds aways altogether.

  11. Bill says:

    RSS2Email is a fantastic service. I love the idea of being able to get info in email instead of having to look for RSS feeds. Still haven’t gotten over Google letting go of their rss service

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