Mac OS X and rss2email are Compatible

rss2email user Jon Thompson has reported that Linux rss2email works well under Mac OS X. This is good news, but not to surprising since Apple based OS X on UNIX.

Technically the rss2email Linux package usually works on other UNIX-derived OSs, such as CentOS and BSD. They aren’t officially supported, but we usually try resolve incompatibilities if possible.

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10 Responses to “Mac OS X and rss2email are Compatible”

  1. Alaska Jack says:

    Hey, this is exactly what I would like to do — install rss2email on a PPC-based iBook G4 running Mac Os X 10.5.8.

    But I’ve never installed a linux package on a Mac before — I barely know how to do it in Ubuntu.

    Would you or Jon Thompson mind posting a write-up explaining how to do this for us newbies! I’d really appreciate it.

    – Alaska Jack

  2. Jack: I’m not a Mac OS user, so I can’t say for sure but I presume you would first install Python then follow the UNIX installation instructions for rss2email.

  3. Alaska Jack says:

    Well, you overestimate my degree of expertise :^)

    Seriously, I’ve been researching this, and it looks like Mac OS X already installs Python by default. So I think I’m covered there.

    As for installing rss2email, I was really hoping for some step-by-step instructions. I will go home and try to figure this out tonight; I just anticipate that it will take me quite a while, as I will be trying to figure things out on the fly.

    – aj

  4. Alaska Jack says:

    Ok, so, first question:

    The instructions for installing under UNIX say:

    “Copy the provided file to”

    There is no folder called on my Mac. There is a *file* called, though. Is there supposed to be a folder with this name, and if so, where should it be located? Or, is the line in the instructions supposed to say: “Copy the contents of, open the file, and paste”?

    A little guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

    – aj

  5. Please follow the instructions for UNIX:

    I can’t provide you literal, type-this-then-this instructions for every step but the UNIX getting started page is pretty close to literal.

    For the Download step:
    1. You seem to have already unarchived the rss2email package, that’s good
    2. Open a command shell and change to the folder where the package was unarchived
    3. Continue with my instructions, starting at the chmod command. The lines with the blue bar are meant to be entered literally

  6. Alaska Jack says:

    Thank you! Just started configuring, but it seems to be working so far. I think I was overthinking this. I appreciate your setting me straight! – aj

  7. Michal says:


    “Technically the rss2email Linux package usually works on other UNIX-derived OSs, such as CentOS and BSD.”

    CentOS is Linux, so it is pretty obvious that the Linux package should work :-)

  8. Michal: yes, but… CentOS typically has older versions of Python which causes issues and tends to have me mentally group it on its own vs. distros like Ubuntu or Debian.

  9. Linux Dan says:

    The problem I am having is how to get the email traffic to go thru iCloud.

    Fatal error: could not connect to mail server “″
    Check your file to confirm that SMTP_SERVER and other mail server settings are configured properly

    From my
    SMTP_SEND = 1
    SMTP_SERVER = “″
    AUTHREQUIRED = 1 # if you need to use SMTP AUTH set to 1
    SMTP_SSL = 1

    Any way to get verbose debug running on the python ?

  10. Hi Dan,

    You should be able to hack in a line to set debug level in the send() function that will dump more detailed info. See set_debuglevel(level) in

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