Minor Correction to v2.69 Packages

The v2.69 rss2email packages contain an example config.py file that might accidentally overwrite an existing config.py file. To keep this from happening I’ve updated both the Linux and Windows by simply renaming the file to config.py.example.

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8 Responses to “Minor Correction to v2.69 Packages”

  1. James says:

    Changing the contents of an already published tarball isn’t best practice. Those of us who have packaged rss2email will now get bug reports about possible source tampering, as checksums of the tarballs will not match.

  2. Ah, my bad. Would renaming them to 2.69a make it any better?

  3. Keith says:

    This comment isn’t related to the post but I don’t see any place to put feature suggestions so I’ll put it here. Sorry if there’s a place for posting suggestions and I missed it.

    It would be nice if there was a custom header for each feed that could be set while adding the feed with “r2e add”, something like X-RSS-Category or X-RSS-Tags. Currently I add feeds with r2e and then modify my sieve script to sort them the way I want. With a per feed customizable header I could define my sorting rules once and set the sorting headers for feeds as I add them, reducing the number of steps involved in adding a feed. Thanks!

  4. Keith,

    The most recent version of rss2email do set additional headers that you could use to filter on. Specifically they are ‘User-Agent’ for rss2email emails, ‘X-RSS-Feed’ is the URL of the feed, ‘X-RSS-ID’ is the ID of the post and ‘X-RSS-URL’ is the link to the post.

  5. sping says:

    Hello Lindsey,

    > Ah, my bad. Would renaming them to 2.69a make it any better?

    Yes, and please put the original tarball back up.
    We have the very same case that James mentioned, in Gentoo.

    On another note I have tried contacting you by e-mail two times before without any replies. The subjects were:

    1) rss2email: download section lists 2.68, not 2.69
    2) Patch for rss2email 2.69

    Did they make it through your spam filter?
    Please get in touch with me.



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  7. To migrate to the new branch, you should first create a config file. It can be named anything you want. If your editor has syntax highlighting, it will be helpful to give it the extension .py, but it’s not necessary.

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