Version 2.70 Released

Version 2.70 of rss2email is now available for both Linux and Windows.

Changes from the previous version:

  • Improved handling of given feed email addresses to prevent mail servers rejecting poorly formed Froms
  • Added X-RSS-TAGS header that lists any tags provided by an entry, which will be helpful in filtering incoming messages

Complete list in the official CHANGELOG.

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11 Responses to “Version 2.70 Released”

  1. perry says:


    is there any functions that will clean up the feeds.dat file? I find that my feeds.dat file is over 20M in size! I believe I can clean up history of feeds that are older than 30 days. No real reason for me to keep long historical records since they should be in my inbox already. anyway for me to do that?

  2. That’s on the to-do list, but in the meantime you could:

    1. Backup feeds.dat for safety
    2. r2e reset
    3. r2e run --nosend
  3. Ipstenu says:

    I THINK I want to use ‘OVERRIDE_FROM’ to make the name my emails come from be something else (like ‘Name of my website’). But I haven’t a clue how to do the key/value pairs here. I tried “feed”:”name” and feed,name but … Lost. Help? :)

  4. Use feed URLs as the key and the title as the value:
    ‘’: ‘rss2email project home’,

  5. Ipstenu says:

    Ah. Single quotes.

    Man, I need to learn more python! Thank you, it works perfectly!

  6. Andreas Kloeckner says:

    Wow–I just ran “r2e new” instead of “r2e run”, since I wanted to fetch “new” articles, but oh dear, r2e instead blew away my entire feed database, without even so much as asking me for confirmation.

    Good job!

  7. AR says:

    r2e + procmail create corrupt mbox files by not inserting a blank line before the next “From line”.

    Not sure which one of the 2 programs is the culprit, but it only happens on those mbox files where r2e’s messages are delivered (by procmail) and not in the mbox files gathering “regular” email.

    Maybe procmail expects messages to end with a blank line, or a single period or whatever, and r2e is not complying? Perhaps r2e is ending its messages abruptly with an EOF character and procmail doesn’t like that?

  8. Josef Kufner says:

    check this:

    rss2email will fail — It does not escape img title correctly.

    Rresulting html mail:

    Content-Type: text/html; charset=”us-ascii”
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
    Subject: (
    X-rss2email: True
    User-Agent: rss2email


    <<<[' this mouseover text."" alt="Brains aside, I wonder how many poorly-written scripts will break on this title (or \\;;"\''{\<URL:

  9. Josef: thanks for the note. I will look into it.

  10. WJ says:

    Dear Lindsey,

    I have a small patch that I’d like to send to you, but I can’t find any way to contact you directly. Could you please send me your e-mail address?


  11. Been looking for a rss 2 email. Usually I have a desktop gadget or chrome extension but it would be nice to receive it in my outlook. thanks.

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