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Mac OS, rss2email and scheduling with launchd

Just a little FYI if you encounter this: MacRumors user durlecs was having a problem scheduling rss2email with launchd, Mac OS’s built in replacement for cron and other UNIX services. It looks like he/she got it working in the end by adding the path to Python into the PATH environment variable.

Version 2.71 Release plus Other Major Updates

Good news everyone! Two important tools that rss2email depends on have recently received major upgrades: feedparser and html2text. These should improve rss2email’s ability to handle feeds with poorly formed HTML and other weirdness. The rss2email application itself also needed to be upgraded some to support these. Changes in this version: Upgraded to feedparser v5.01! ( […]

Version 2.70 Released

Version 2.70 of rss2email is now available for both Linux and Windows. Changes from the previous version: Improved handling of given feed email addresses to prevent mail servers rejecting poorly formed Froms Added X-RSS-TAGS header that lists any tags provided by an entry, which will be helpful in filtering incoming messages Complete list in the […]

Mac OS X and rss2email are Compatible

rss2email user Jon Thompson has reported that Linux rss2email works well under Mac OS X. This is good news, but not to surprising since Apple based OS X on UNIX. Technically the rss2email Linux package usually works on other UNIX-derived OSs, such as CentOS and BSD. They aren’t officially supported, but we usually try resolve […]

Minor correction to the minor correction: v2.69a released

Last week I made a slight change to the v2.69 rss2email packages, which can cause suspicion that they have been tampered with. To mitigate this, I put the original v2.69 files back in place and renamed the updated package set to v2.69a. Here is v2.69a: Linux and Windows And here is the original v2.69: Linux […]

Minor Correction to v2.69 Packages

The v2.69 rss2email packages contain an example file that might accidentally overwrite an existing file. To keep this from happening I’ve updated both the Linux and Windows by simply renaming the file to

Version 2.69 Released

Version 2.69 of rss2email is now available for both Linux and Windows. Changes from the previous version: Added support for connecting to SMTP server via SSL, see SMTP_SSL option Improved backwards compatibility by fixing issue with listing feeds when run with older Python versions Added selective feed email overrides through OVERRIDE_EMAIL and DEFAULT_EMAIL options Added […]

How to Read RSS Feeds in Emacs

Emacs and rss2email user Erik Hetzner has written up a tutorial on how he integrated RSS feed reading into Emacs using rss2email.

Version 2.68 Released with Actual New Features

Unlike the last few versions of rss2email that have trickled out, I finally got around to adding a few new oft-requested features! Version 2.68 of rss2email is now available for both Linux and Windows. Changes from the previous version: Added ability to pause/resume checking of individual feeds through pause and unpause commands Added ability to […]

Version 2.67 Released

Version 2.67 of rss2email is now available for both Linux and Windows, which includes the latest development version of feedparser. Changes from the previous version: Fixed entries that include an id which is blank (i.e., an empty string) were being resent Fixed some entries not being sent by email because they had bad From headers […]