How to Run rss2email on Centos

rss2email user Ben Chapman has written a nice guide to setting up rss2email on Centos 5.x.

Using rss2email with the r2eui web UI

Up until now, using rss2email has been confined to the UNIX or Windows command line. Most of the time, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, if you need to remove a few feeds from your list, it can be a pain to find every feed’s number and then delete them in the correct order (i.e. reverse numerical order). Otherwise you accidentally delete the wrong feeds.

So to remedy this and give a command-line tool a prettier face, we’ve developed a simple web-based UI for rss2email.


We assume that you already have rss2email installed and working.

Download r2eui.tar.gz (UNIX) or (Windows) to your rss2email directory
Untar or unzip the r2eui archive
Download and install Cheetah

Running r2eui

From the folder where rss2email and r2eui are stored, type


Then, from your favorite browser, go to http://localhost:8080. From here you check for new feed items, add and remove newsfeeds and change your default email address.

To stop the web UI, just type ctrl-C (under UNIX) or ctrl-Break (under Windows) in the console window.

Version 2.66 Released

A new version of rss2email is available for Windows and for UNIX.

For the first time in quite a while, actual new features were added in addition to some significant bug fixes. From the CHANGELOG:

v2.66 (2009-12-21)

  • Complete packaging of all necessary source files (rss2email, html2text, feedparser, r2e, etc.) into one bundle
    • Included a more complete with all options
    • Default to HTML mail and CSS results
  • Added ‘reset’ command to erase history of already seen entries
  • Changed project email to ‘’ and project homepage to ‘’
  • Made exception and error output text more useful
  • Added X-RSS-Feed and X-RSS-ID headers to each email for easier filtering
  • Improved enclosure handling
  • Fixed MacOS compatibility issues

The new home for rss2email is here

It appears that the old host (Infogami) is now for sale and could go dark at any time. They’ve been nice enough to leave our project site up, but we need to find a more stable home so this will be it for now. I had recently started the weblog All Things RSS, so it was easy enough to migrate the old site here.

I will try to migrate the old content (FAQ, changelog, etc.) over when I can but for now, please use this site’s RSS feed for news on rss2email.

New Version of Web UI Released

For quite some time r2eui, the web front-end to rss2email, has been broken because of extensive changes to the framework that it depends on. Recently I got around to updating it to work with the most current framework version. Here are updated packages for Windows and UNIX.

Note that r2eui depends on the 0.3x versions of even though 0.2x versions are still commonly available through Linux package management systems.

Version 2.65 Released

A new version 2.65 is here. This should fix any deprecation warnings you’re seeing if you’re running Python v2.6 and some other issues. See the CHANGELOG for more.

Version 2.64 Released

The new version is here. Once again it’s about bug fixes. From the CHANGELOG: missing charsets won’t crash it, not having sendmail prints a useful error message and under SunOS should lock the feeds file properly.

Also a Good Time to Update

For a while we’ve recommended upgrading to a development version of feedparser to combat the many feed parsing errors that generate a lot of support email to us. Instructions for doing this are here.

Also, it looks as if html2text has been updated recently so we recommend upgrading that as well.

Version 2.63 Released

At Aaron’s request we’ve updated the rss2email license to GPL 2 & 3 from just GPL 2. Also a couple of bug fixes were implemented.

How to rss2wii

John Zeitler has written up instructions on how to read RSS feeds on the Nintendo Wii. Now you can read your feeds on the big screen from the comfort of your own couch. Do remember to keep the Wiimote strapped to your wrist at all times though.